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You are at home in the dark, the unknown, the inner realms, the Star transport region. What are you doing here, BatWoman? Like all bats, I suspect your purpose contributes to communal well being, to enriching the ecology wherever you fly or echolocate or just hang out.

Beginning in the present, Gravity, is a low frequency, slow motion kind of force of attraction between bodies of differing masses. It's a Gaian massage, touching Earth beings gently and powerfully. For those of the stellar clans, this planet is a wonderful teacher about energy work. She is so affectionate, the effect can be quite lulling. But stay awake or at least lucid in order to get the lessons.

Relative to your life purpose, Bats, a complex set of energies emerges. Learning to navigate from realm to realm takes practice. This has a lot to do with grounding your particular unique frequencies, and your awareness, to enrich the collective. The first part of your life may have been largely about finding a resolution for seemingly conflicting or disparate frequency patterns.

In the West, Predator calls you to a cool, detached and deliberate emotive pattern in order to defend and provide for your soul's well being. This is not sadistic or greedy but loving in service to Self. Keeping energetic channels open, without emotional charge is a tremendous skill and one which will help you in your explorations of Spirit.

Sunlit Canyon Ledge, the North Guide, suggests that the way you interact in community is easy going. This is not about laborious, competitive or confrontational experiential excursions among people. It's about finding levity and sweetness in "the village", about living in a harmonious way among others. Since you must find your own way of expression and perception, you will do so without the dangers and exhausting life breath consuming trials experienced by past generations of wise women. That is done.

Your Sky Guide, The Cave of Initiation, is another tool for you. This one, however is a gift of your lineage. Having a door through which you can experience transformation, simply by choosing to step through it, allows you to pass between various worlds of manifestation easily and thoroughly. What this means is that you can come into being and totally pass out of physical form, only to emerge again in some new physical reality. Hmmm. Shapeshifting is only one obvious use of this doorway. Profound Self healing is another. Archetype transition is yet another.

Your East Guide is Fog Lifts. An immediate association with this card representing illumination of mind, is that after you undergo transformation there is always a period of adjusting to the new life or identity. It seems that for you, the process work of this shifting between states, involves some methodical, i.e. linear reasoning. Abstract thought may be a way for you to track energy correlations as you uncover them in your life work. Some practical kind of recording system, could be a journal, a data bank of some kind, measuring your own changes from baseline and development over time is important for your purpose.

In the South, Wild Fires, indicates your ability and intense energy for contributing to community diversity through a spiritual path. This is a transformational, (mutable) contribution, allowing for growth by destroying old energy frequency patterns, creating fertile ground for seeding with new energies. Remarkable! It seems important to point out again, the presence of Predator in the west because it may be that the physical skills of a hunter/warrior i.e. strength and agility and so on may help you to contain the heat of spirit. Certainly, being able to remain detached in battle (remember Arjuna, in The Baghivad Gita?) requires a steeling up of the emotions, while remaining energetic.

Your Ground Guide is Population Implosion, a great classroom for learning about the effects of ecological excess. In this position, a sense of commitment to other people who are greatly suffering in this time, provides you with a media through which to bring your own vibrations into form. This guidance position is about mothering, bringing into MATERial form, based on what you have been taught by your mothers and grandmothers. Understanding problems, especially in the complex language of life experience, provides the energetic relationships, polarities, needed to grow awareness. The enormous ecological problems of our times provide a classroom for advanced studies. This part is certainly not easy. But you are well equipped to be here now with your ultrasensitivity to rates of vibration and your powers of transformation.

Your Current Journey is expressed in Flash Flood, an Earth Voice card representing vulnerability. The danger is that if you don't make a decision quickly you may lose your current form or resources. The trick, though is to make a decision based, not on what can be seen, but rather on what your unseen guidance tells you. In this position, this vulnerability corresponds to an actual period of your life, one with a definite beginning and end. Name it and get out of harm's way or enjoy the flood and its transformation. For you that, of course, is an option.

Unifying this reading, Glacier, your guide Within shows that your soul work is recognized over time. Remembering this work, why you came here, can keep you on your path.

Ten Card Method

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