Six Card Sample

six card sample
Six Card Method
Beginning in the present, EARTH QUAKE represents immediate choice. Luxurious contemplation and linear reasoning have little value in the moment. Body wisdom, instinctive emotion and responsiveness to direct perception are essential. Yet, this shaking up of what you have taken for granted, is momentary. It is as if you have been asked to stand on a bridge between eternal truth and illusion and decide which side to walk to. Afterward, a residual vibration reminds you of what is most important to you.


Guide COYOTES SINGING BEFORE DAWN: In your every day life you are an integral and cherished part of a group. Together, you are creating and testing new paths. Because of essential, core trust and shared goals, you are able to give and receive communications of guidance which support your individual growth as well as that of the collective. You may well have a sense that your interdependent survival is somewhat at odds with the mainstream but that your group is definitely in harmony with the greater community.

Guide THE NATURAL VOICE: You may or may not be shy but you are capable of great silence. When you are softly in Old Growth Forest, you hear what others do not. You truly receive the voices of the ancient ones, the hidden ones. And then you sing a strange song, dance a strange rhythm that honors them. You speak without words, in the non harming language of heart. When you are heard, you reveal the truth that was present all along.

Guide BIG CATS: You carry within you a dilemma, a struggle between conflicting needs. You may feel a constant dissatisfaction. How do you integrate and feed seemingly opposing hungers? How do you make space for both aspects of your own being? You find yourself at various points in your life, compromising, favoring one, suppressing another. There simply is no answer. This conflict represents a shifting of forces within you, which is both result of and catalyst for your growth and change. This source of discomfort which guides you, may be the inheritance of generations. You may feel compelled to study your family histories or undergo hypnotic regression to get to the roots of your personality. Or you may allow yourself what you need.

Current Journey ARSON, THE FIRES OF WAR:What is the conflagration you find yourself in the presence of? For some time you have been engaged in a work of great compassion. Perhaps you are in relationship with someone who demands great patience and understanding. Perhaps your work is directly involved in environmental or human rights activism. A major part of your life is devoted to intensive care on a large scale. Name this period of your life. What is your destination?

Life Card WILD FLOWERS: In this life, you walk the path of beauty, called to both inner solitude and self expression, creating a lasting impact on all who see you. Growing toward autonomy of spirit and harmonious resonance throughout all planes of light and form, color and duality, as close to perfect vibration as one can come without self annihilation, this movement is ultimately one of grounded individual expression as much as it is connection with others.

You are currently given many choices, although there is a certain urgency which may suggest that only some choices are of value. Balancing your personal needs with those of the collective, allowing yourself quiet time in beautiful natural places, will help you cross your bridge.

Six Card Method

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