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Beginning in the present, BATS represents acute sensitivity to vibration and in this card position, suggests a change in metabolic rate, sleep or activity routine and a need for the sheltering cloak of darkness in some area of your life. Do you need to sleep in the day to get rested? Perhaps a situation you find yourself in requires more in-body awareness than usual. Or maybe some images, photographic or otherwise, need developing.


In The South, Summit gives you a vantage from which to examine your life. No matter what paths you may take on your life's journey, you are always called back to your central vision, your true purpose. Your inner fire guides you surely and you must trust it and honor where it takes you and where you have gone. There is a clarity about you which serves as a marker for others as well, making you something of a leader.

In The West, The Whales. What better guides for diving deep and coming up for air? There is nothing shallow about you. You are a most complex being. As you mature you come to appreciate the depth work you have had to do understand your own purpose. As you repeatedly emerge from emotional waters, you come to know a safety there and develop a familiarity with the parts of yourself which are usually submerged. Relationships and powers of healing improve with experience. As your navigational skills improve, you will, in turn swim with others.

The Grasses on the Plains, as your North Guide, indicates a tendency to closely examine the origins of things. You do not take for granted the reality of anything, especially regarding social contracts, government, career. Relative to your other cards, this does not necessarily mean that you are a pragmatist, but perhaps are interested in social reform in some way. Or you may be interested in archeology or in some other way in the historical development of some material form.

Perhaps you represent a social or cultural minority group and are actively working for social reform. Wild Fires, in the position of your Current Journey, is about your impact on your community. In what ways are you burning away the worn out and dead ideas or patterns in the place where you live? You can name this current period of your life. Whatever this project or relationship is you are helping to make changes which will allow something new and vibrant to come into being. Your work is essential.

In The East you are guided by Rainbows, Enlightened mind. This represents a connection with Source light. Your mind is active and sometimes very big. This card never represents sugar and spice. The nearer one is to the source of vibration, the more frequent are fluctuations between extremes. You probably appear much calmer on the outside than you feel inside. I have wondered since I began this reading if you were experiencing some strong confusion, especially now with this present extra sensitivity to vibrations. I strongly suggest allowing yourself rest and if you are so inclined, maybe a little extra meditation time. You really must take excellent care of yourself, during this period.

Since your Life Purpose, is represented by Drought, you likely are used to simple living. Keeping things basic doesn't automatically make life uncomplicated. Austere living may enable the experience of keen perception of the living details of the moment but if you are undergoing unusual stress, you must stop and allow yourself to experience the beauty and softness of the present as well. You have to. That's all. Because you are needed here and now on this planet to show others the way, to witness what is painful to see and, be honest about it, to express your brilliance.

Seven Card Method

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