Introduction To Earth Voices Oracle

Introduction to Earth Voices

You have heard the call of this oracle and perhaps you are wondering what to do next. Of course it's really up to you and with a little practice and patience you will find your own ways of asking and receiving. Here are some suggested approaches.

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General Information:

Reading signs and hearing oracles are ways of knowing which are outside the realm of everyday consciousness for most of us. I like to do something to mark the beginning and end of a reading. Usually something as simple as closing my eyes for a moment and saying "May this be for good." is an ample starting point. A prayer or request for guidance is another way.

For certain purposes, a more formal delineation of psychic space may be desirable. Afterwards, a simple "Thank you" to Source is a way to close. Or perhaps, saying again "May this be for good.".

Single Card Reading:

A DAILY GUIDANCE or meditation card, drawn at the beginning of your day is a good way to become acquainted with the cards. This simple method alone, may serve as a reminder of connectedness with the natural world or may provide a focus for thinking about the interrelated aspects of your life in the present.

A DREAM CARD, drawn before bed time, is a way to draw attention to the connections of sleep and wakefulness. If you keep a dream journal you can note which card you selected and write about what the card means in the dream context or if you don't remember them, you can try writing stream of consciousness from the starting point of the dream card.

Group Readings

For creative Improvisational classes of all types (dance, theater, writing), picking a card can suggest a starting off point for an exercise. The card may reveal an image, an energy or a situation to express in innovative ways.

For helping a group to coordinate or reach a consensus, cards can be used in several ways. One way is to allow one or several members of the group to pick cards and then do a single or multiple card reading relative to a specific question. Another way is for each person to select a card and then discuss its relevancy to them and the group. Of course it depends on the size and purpose of the group and how open to this type of intuitive process the members are.

I invite you to explore, experiment and enjoy these suggestions. The Earth Voices are a tool for opening an intuitive path.
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